Well, well, well.

A big piece of branding we’ve been working on for a while has just gone public.

The Co-operative Pharmacy chain of 780 stores and 7,000 employees, which was bought by the Bestway group last year for £620m, is now called Well.


We did that, and we’re quite pleased with it. It’s not often a major high street chain completely reinvents itself and chooses your work to build a five year, £200m investment on.

From a creative point of view, Well fits the brief like a glove. It adds a promise to a name that was purely descriptive, and presents the tantalising possibility that people might start saying ‘I’m just popping to the Well’ for the first time in, what, a couple of hundred years?

That’s not to say it was our only idea. We had something pretty cool with a bear in it, and I was also quite attached to something with a Native American vibe.


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