If it’s in print and looks cheap, I’m there

I think this ad was part of Kopparberg cider’s UK launch.

Kopparberg press ad

I’m torn. On the one hand I think it’s shit. I don’t believe the shot; they’ve had to explain what they’re selling (despite the enormous bottle); there’s a twitter logo on it; and it ran in the kind of Sunday supplements that feature £300 jumpers.

On the other, I can’t help but like the line. Maybe it’s more of a brand contention than a headline, but it somehow makes sense of the low rent art direction and takes me straight into a pound-a-pint indy night somewhere numbingly over-crowded. It hijacks a scene. If I was 18 I’d buy the booze and ask questions afterwards.

But I’m not 18, and so instead it all feels a bit too… Fake.


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