Very nice. What is it?

Here’s a film for Intel.

It’s very nicely shot, and it has a blind bloke in it who’s climbed the world’s seven highest mountains.

Remarkable stuff, but it’s got nothing to do with what Intel do. It’s just fuggling about with ‘look inside’, the iteration of ‘Intel inside’.*

Compare it with this Intel ad from a few years ago.

Still no actual product in it, but an awful lot of Intel. Ajay Bhatt works for them, for one. It drops you right inside the culture that made the company. It’s funny, self-deprecating and proud at the same time. It leaves me wondering at the obsessive, crazy techies behind Intel’s amazing stuff, and plants the seed that these are the guys to trust. After all, geeks rule in computing, and these are the geekiest geeks around.

The other one just leaves me annoyed.

*Could that line be the third most important part of Intel’s PC success, after they got out of memories and then sole-sourced the 386 architecture? Maybe. Anyone interested in the latter decision can get chapter and verse in this oral history document from the Computer History Museum.


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