Archives for the Month of August, 2014

Is this relatively compelling?

I was interviewing a junior writer the other day and I suddenly realised I’d said something awful. Something along the lines of ‘good writing is compelling’. After she left I went up on the roof, faced north to Narvik and roared like a bull walrus suddenly aware of his walrusness. When I came down I asked myself […]


On awards for creativity

When I was about eight I entered a creative writing competition. It was the bang that started the race. Today, I live in the Hollywood hills. When I’m not cruising down Mulholland Drive in my DeTomaso Pantera, I’m probably cruising downtown on my Pegoretti Duende, or cruising up to Mavericks on Harvey Weinstein’s yacht to drop into the green room […]


Very nice. What is it?

Here’s a film for Intel. It’s very nicely shot, and it has a blind bloke in it who’s climbed the world’s seven highest mountains. Remarkable stuff, but it’s got nothing to do with what Intel do. It’s just fuggling about with ‘look inside’, the iteration of ‘Intel inside’.* Compare it with this Intel ad from a few years ago. […]